Instudio Trail Artists 2022

Visit over 35 local artists in their studio or exhibition space during 4 big weekends in August 2022

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Our 2022 Feature Artists

Sue Nelson

Sue has been painting all her life and enjoys playing with many different mediums but acrylics are her first love. She taught folk art for many years, particularly the multi-loading technique and brush skills that she learnt from top folk artists of Australia. Her range has diversified but she still applies some of these techniques to her current works which play with vibrant colours applied to Australiana landscapes, animals, portraiture and more. Sue enjoys painting on a diverse range of materials including canvas, tin and timber.

Annette Baxter

Annette’s love of art goes way back to when she was in primary school and using pastels on a slate and plasticine clay to make interesting creations. She always did well in art at school which, she says, made up for lacking in academic subjects. Involvement with the fine arts at local shows and with community art groups has helped to refine her talents. Her subject matter is as varied as is her style and you will see Annette’s work in a variety of media. She likes to express herself with no plan in mind so that the creative journey with a new work unfolds naturally.

Janette Swindells

Making art to win money at the local show each year forms Janette’s early memories of her creative journey. Life got busy after that and it was not until she retired in 2020 that she took back up her art hobby. Pastels have become a favourite medium but she also enjoys watercolours, acrylics and pen and ink. She loves to capture the essence of the bush in her work; its wildlife and beauty. Exploring different mediums and attending workshops have expanded her horizons. Jan is a member of local art groups who meet regularly and she enjoys the sharing of knowledge and keeping company with fellow artists as they create together.

Pauline Good

Pauline commenced her painting journey in 2000 with the Gladstone Art Group. She is a member of the Watercolour Society of Queensland and the Toowoomba Art Society and has undertaken numerous workshops with respected Australian artists, attended a residential art course in England and participated in a week long plein air workshop in South Australia’s Flinders Ranges. Over the years she has received multiple awards, and commendations. Pauline paints in a traditional/realist style and particularly loves painting the light and atmosphere of landscapes, seascapes, back roads, old barns and gum trees.

Naomi Hatt

Specializing in drawing, and working mainly with graphite, charcoal or ink, Naomi’s illustrative works present personal reflections of physical, cultural, and historical connections to place. Naomi uses the open eucalypt woodland that surrounds her home studio as a point of reference to record native flora and fauna species in illustrative works. The subjects are carefully selected by way of personal encounters, or a developed understanding of their role in the site-specific environment. Her arts practice is informed by; regular walks of familiar tracks, a desire to learn about the country, her work as a professional artist and teacher, an interest in natural history and concerns for the environment.

Anna Battle

Anna is a colourful, contemporary artist who believes art is important as it is the backdrop to our lives. With her new studio at Botanica Rose Farm, flowers are her main theme this year, with a few landscapes and tablescapes included for good measure. Anna loves recording “the mess of life” and the passage of time across a table of flowers and mementos. Effortlessly switching between acrylic and watercolour, Anna has been a popular local and regional tutor for many years. She now teaches students around the world through Online Paint Alongs and workshops at

Rob Prentice

In retirement Rob and wife Lin were looking for a hobby they could combine with their love of travelling and researching Australian rural history. Model making became a passion for them both and utilised their life skills – Rob as a builder and Lyn as a seamstress. They settled on a standard size of 1/12 scale and began creating intricate and accurate models of horse drawn vehicles. Using originals as a guide Rob makes the components from timber and metal and for many years Lin created the upholstery, bales of wool (for the load) and clothes for the dolls. Horses are cast in resin, leather and metal are crafted for saddles and reigns. They put all these components together as dioramas, that not only display each model beautifully but also show a snapshot of Australian history.

Deborah Burton

Deborah is a local artist painting from her studio in Highfields. She has been creating art pieces all of her life, however she began to look more seriously into her artistic abilities in 1995. She uses a variety of mediums, however focuses much of her time with acrylics. Deborah has a passion for blending colours and exploring the changes in light, especially with regards to reflections and refraction of water. She often uses relatively small, thin, brush strokes. Deborah likes to paint realistic scenes of modern life, and has started to explore a more abstract contour style in a new contemporary series.

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