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Our crafty hub became a reality…


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It all happened in mid 2009…

Our crafty hub became a reality after our founder, Pauline Burrows-Booth became aware of the quality and variety of arts and crafts exhibited at our local show while visiting from her home in Currumbin Valley.  She thought it was a shame that there was no retail outlet for the public and visitors to purchase such items in Crows Nest.

As she had previous experience in this field, she set to work to explore the possibility of establishing such a venue.  A public meeting was called for interested parties to gauge interest in such a venture.  It was well attended with a mixture of opinions, with positives being the majority.  Money hit the table to get established and offers of furniture, display units etc were forthcoming.  Enthusiastic individuals were elected to form our first committee.

A suitable premises was found to rent, comprising a large showroom space with separate exhibition spaces and an area to hold workshops.  After setting procedures in place, organising rosters and jumping other hurdles we opened on 3rd October, 2009.  Local identities Dr John Bourne-Taylor and Mrs Aphra Taylor officiated at the opening and we were on our way, trading 7 days a week. The shop quickly became a popular social hub for the locals, the perfect spot to pick up a one-of-a-kind gift for all occasions, and a place to forge new friendships.

A great shopping experience…

The number of exhibitors vary between 40 and 45 at any one time with all manner of interesting creations on display including functional items, hand made clothing and decorative pieces.  You can be assured of picking up a one of a kind item as all works must be made by the exhibitor, using new or re-purposed items, and they must be reasonably priced. 

Through our exposure by word of mouth and the annual InStudio Art Trails, the Crows Nest Community Arts & Crafts has become a ‘must-do destination’ for the travelling public and locals alike for a great shopping experience.