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Previous Artisans

Studio Safari – run by Handmade in the Country, 6.3.2011

  • Cobb & Co Museum – silversmithing and blacksmithing
  • Quilters Angel – Highfields
  • Denise Rosser – Smokestone Sculptures, Hampton
  • Sue Oliver – oils, acrylics and mixed media – home studio, Hampton
  • Crows Nest Cordials Factory
  • Marie Kruger – ceramics and weaving – home studio, Crows Nest
  • Gail Grunske – textile artist – home studio, Crows Nest (Facebook)
  • Crows Nest Community Arts & Crafts (website)
  • Bunnyconnellan Olive Grove and Winery
  • Rosalie Art Gallery – Stephen Paterson, painter, Goombungee
  • Colonial Woodcrafts – handcrafted timber furniture, Kingsthorpe (Facebook)

InStudio Art Trail – an initiative of CNCAC

October 2011

  • Franzesca, Wild Woman Designs – potter and textile artist, home studio, Hampton (website & Facebook)
  • Gail Grunske – textile artist, home studio, Crows Nest  (Facebook)
  • Jane Hoffman – painter and hebel sculpture, home studio, Crows Nest
  • Denise Chard – mosaicist at Crows Nest Arts and Crafts shop (Facebook)
  • Catherine Radnidge, Marie Kruger, Kerry Vonhoff-Shaw, Penelope Haskings – Crows Nest Regional Art Gallery
  • Barry Hanlone and Virginia Hanlon-Roff – potter and artist, Sundowner Coffee Lounge, Crows Nest

April 2012

  • Rosemary Mibus – pastel and hebel sculpture, home studio, Cabarlah
  • Tania Clarke – Jeweller, home studio, Meringandan (Facebook)
  • Denise Chard, Kim Walmsley and Kaye Watkine – mosaics, painting and watercolour, Cuckoo Clock, Cabarlah
  • David McEvoy – sculpture (bronze and aluminium), home studio, Hampton (Facebook)
  • Bill Morton – painter, Crows Nest Community Arts and Crafts shop (website)
  • Gail Grunske, Carol Oyston and Diana Symes – textiles artists, Crows Nest Art Gallery

October 2012

  • Julie Buckworth – pottery and acrylics, Holland Wines, Crows Nest (website)
  • Barbara Scott – textile artist and printmaker, Crows Nest Arts and Crafts shop (Facebook)
  • Kay Tyler – woodwork and painter, home studio, Crows Nest (Facebook)
  • Jim Deignan – painter, home studio, Crows Nest
  • Elissa Bellert – re-purposed sculptures (lamps etc), home studio, Crows Nest
  • Saturday Art Group – mix of artists, CWA, Crows Nest

April 2013

  • Judi Edwards – oils, watercolour and acrylicshome studio, Geham
  • Ross Smith – oils, acrylics and pastelshome studio, Geham
  • Glenda Fuller – pastels and acrylics, Bunnyconnellen Winery, Crows Nest
  • Helen Pearson – pen and inkhome studio, Crows Nest (Facebook & etsy)
  • Diana Symes – textile artist, home studio, Crows Nest
  • Randal Machejefski – photographer, Crows Nest Arts and Crafts shop

October 2013

  • Adrian Kraatz – metal sculptures, forge demonstrations,  in residence, Palmtree
  • Lester Zirbel and Lyn Johnston – woodwork, graphite and charcoalhome studio, Hampton
  • Ross Plant – horn, leather and pewter, home studio, Crows Nest (Facebook)
  • Brendan OConner – horseshoe art, in residence, Crows Nest
  • Marie Kruger – raku clay sculptures, home studio, Crows Nest
  • Leah Kelly – glass artisan, Crows Nest Arts and Crafts shop (Facebook)

April 2014

  • Franzesca, Wild Woman designs – potter and textile art, home studio, Hampton (website & Facebook)
  • Mark Westhead – artist, in residence, Hampton
  • Rosalie Eustace – artist, home studio, Palmtree
  • Lester Donkin – woodworker, home studio, Crows Nest
  • TrailBlazers – Bill Morton, Tania Clarke, Judi Edwards, David McEvoy and Julie Buckworth
  • Toowoomba Spinners & Weavers – textiles, Crows Nest Arts and Crafts shop

October 2014

  • Col Seccombe – metal sculptures, home studio, Palmtree
  • Brian Chelman – woodworker, home studio, Crows Nest
  • Beronica Murray – oils and inkhome studio, Crows Nest
  • Margaret Dascombe – textile art, wood & lino cuts, Crows Nest Arts and Crafts shop
  • Trailblazers – Jim Deignan, Barbara Scott, Ross Plant, Leah Kelly, Kay Tyler, Ross Smith

August 2015

  • Margaret Shaw (with Kym Sparshott, Ann Ralph, Deb Hansen, Nikki Laws) – mosaics, home studio, Palmtree (website and Facebook)
  • Kerri Emmert – pen and ink, pastel, charcoalhome studio, Grapetree
  • Jennepher Hope – watercolour and oilshome studio, Jones Gully
  • Emma Thorncroft – acrylics and oilshome studio, Crows Nest
  • Peter Bright – potter,  in residence, Crows Nest
  • Around Again (group of recyclers), Crows Nest Arts and Crafts shop

August 2016

  • Julie Nash – mosaics, in residence, Ravensbourne (website)
  • Sarah Watson – biro, ink and watercolourhome studio, Crows Nest
  • Grace McClymont – ink, watercolour and acrylics, Crows Nest Arts and Crafts shop (website)
  • Dianne Smith – acrylicshome studio, Pechey
  • Julie Sweeney – textile artist, home studio, Hampton (Facebook)
  • David McEvoy & Denise Rosser – metal sculptures, home studio, Hampton
  • Barb Baker – acrylic and watercolour, Crows Nest Arts and Crafts shop
  • Mural – Kay Tyler and Beronica Murray, Crows Nest

August 2017

  • Tracey Wegner – garden art, in residence, Hampton
  • Gwenda McNamara – leadlighter, home studio, Groomsville
  • Gail Grunske – textile artist, home studio, Crows Nest (Facebook)
  • Jane Arthars – acrylics and oilshome studio, Crows Nest
  • Daphne Pallister & Jeanette Barney – textile artists, The Glassroom, Crows Nest
  • Sylvia Free – glass artist, Crows Nest Arts and Crafts shop (Facebook)
  • Michiko Gustafson –pen and ink, pastels, watercolourshome studio, Crows Nest
  • Pam Shipman – pastelshome studio, Glenaven

August 2018

  • Bruce Rodger – oils, home studio, Hampton (website and Facebook)
  • Jenie Fawckner – screen printing and oilshome studio, Grapetree (website and Instagram)
  • Melanie McEvoy – potter, in residence, Grapetree (Instagram)
  • Doug Lane – mosaics, home studio, Crows Nest
  • Lindsay Owen – alcohol inks,  home studio, Crows Nest (website)
  • Megan Weegink – acrylics, in residence, Crows Nest
  • Gordon Caie – acrylicsThe Glassroom, Crows Nest
  • Bill Morton – oils, watercolours and pen, Crows Nest Arts and Crafts shop (website)

August 2019

  • TrailBlazers – Brian Chelman, Lester Donkin, Rosalie Eustace, Glenda Fuller, Lyn Johnston, Rosemary Mibus, Helen Pearson and Marg Shaw
  • Bruce Griffiths – watercolour, in residence, Ravensbourne (website and Facebook)
  • Chris Norris – resinhome studio, Grapetree (website)
  • Warren Pashen – metal sculptures (recycled), home studio, Crows Nest
  • Stacey Blinco – acrylics and oilsThe Glassroom, Crows Nest (website)
  • Tina Cherry – oil, acrylic and graphite, Crows Nest Arts and Crafts shop (website)

August 2020 (Online)

  • Deidre Rutherford – acrylics, oils and inks, Highfields
  • Natalie Fogarty  acrylics, watercolours and resin, Highfields (website)
  • Robyn Drury – watercolours and mixed media, Crows Nest
  • Lynda Georgeson – silk painting, Crows Nest (Facebook)
  • TrailBlazers – Beronica Murray, Peter Bright, Dianne Turner, Grace McClymont, Julie Nash, Julie Sweeney

August 2021

  • Jobella Bennett – Wire sculpture, Geham (Facebook)

  • Barbara Somervaille – Watercolours, Ravensbourne (Facebook)

  • Robyn Croad – Watercolours & Mixed Media, Highfields (Facebook)

  • Tracie Davies – Leatherwork, Ravensbourne (Facebook)

  • Yvonne Ragonesi – Mosaics, Crows Nest (Facebook)

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